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C5 ES5100
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C5 ES5100
Brand: ESUN 伊森

Esun® ES5100 is a light color aliphatic resin that is produced through a unique continuous process.



    Excellent capabilities just like good solubility, compatibility, adhesiveness, water-resistance, great                    

     insulation and chemical stability, good adhesion, thermal conductivity and weatherability.              



Application: Pressure sensitive adhesive

           Solvent adhesive/Hot melt adhesive



Item                                    Test Method       Unit         Typical Value

Color(50% resin solid in Toluene)       ASTM D 1544       (Ga.#)             5max

Soften Point                            ASTM E 28         ()              100±5

Acid Value                              ASTM D 974      (KOHmg/g)           0.5max

Ash Content                             ASTM D 1063        (%)              0.1max

Specific Gravity                        ASTM D 71                         0.96-1.03

Melt Viscosity                          ASTM D 3236    (200 mpas)         220max


Palletized forms of resins may block or lump in hot weather climates or if stored near heat sources. Keep aeration and dryness, prevent direct sunshine.    


Shelf life: 1 year

Packing: In 25kg PP bags or as customers demand

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