Qingdao Eastsun New Materials Corporation Limited (833408)

Spring Tour


On 7th May, 2016, Qingdao Eastsun organized all staff to take part in the activity of the Spring Tour.(4th May Youth Day commemorative activity). During the period of time,we went to Huangdao to visit the Langyatai Group watching the wine making process and learning their rigorous working attitude and advanced management experience. After visited it, we organized a speech contest with the theme dedication to youth, to achieve self-worth and  also  took  wonderful  games.  After  lunch,  all staff visited  the  Langyatai Tourism Scenic Area.

Through this activity, all staff deeply realized that we must have strict and standardized management system, earnest and positive work style and enterprising innovation ability in order to develop into a great enterprise.All of our staff realized the importance of the cooperation, which make the activity get a great success.