Qingdao Eastsun New Materials Corporation Limited (833408)

Sun Yonghong, secretary of Qingdao Jiaozhou Municipal Committee, successfully researched Qingdao Eas

Sun Yonghong, secretary of Qingdao Jiaozhou Municipal Committee, went to Qingdao Eastsun, accompanied by Song Rendeng, member of

the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Director Zhang Daofeng of Jiaozhou Science and Technology Bureau, Director Yu Sen of Jiaozhou Safety Supervision Bureau, and Secretary Ban Shuchun of the Kowloon Street Office.

During the investigation, Mr. Sun Changdong, Chairman of Qingdao

Eastsun New Materials, reported to the secretary Sun Yonghong on advanced production technology, safety and environmental management, and future development planning. After investigation, the secretary Sun Yonghong affirmed the spirit of Eastsun New Materials, and observed the production of ESUN resin on site, affirming that ESUN resin is a "Good product" and encouraged Eastsun new materials to develop in a special and new direction, and puts higher requirements for future development.

As a famous trademark of Shandong Province, ,a famous brand , a special model enterprise, Qingdao Eastsun will continue to improve and innovate.