Qingdao Eastsun New Materials Corporation Limited (833408)

Warmly welcome Deyuan enterprise procurement and R&D experts to visit Eastsun new materials


On July 4, 2018, several procurement and R&D experts from Deyuan Enterprise visited Eastsun New Materials for inspection and guidance.

     Deyuan Enterprise has rich adhesive experience and technology in Greater China. It was established in 1976. This time, Deyuan came to Eastsun New Materials for inspection and guidance, mainly to further confirm the product quality and product technology of Eastsun New Materials, and to discuss related cooperation matters.

The melodious song of Eastsun flutters in the air. Deyuan's purchasing and R&D experts, accompanied by Mr. Sun Changdong, the chairman of our company, and Ms. Sun Shaoling, the sales director, visited the warehouse, workshop, and R&D room, and personally participated in our smell test experiment. Whether our factory environment, company atmosphere, production process, or product quality, we have received deep praise from Deyuan. After listening to the company introduction and product requirements of Deyuan Enterprise, the leadership and technology of Eastsun New Materials also indicated that they will do their best to serve customers and look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with them.