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Mr.Sun Changdong met with Mr.Daniel Shechtman, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

 Mr.Sun Changdong, the Chairman of Qingdao Eastsun, met with Mr.Daniel Shechtman in Qingdao on Nov.11, who is the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Mr. Schechtman came to Qingdao to attend the Qingdao Science and technology conference on the same day.

Mr.Shechtman was born in 1941 in Israel. He discovered the alloy with the crystalline structure in 1982 and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011. The research achievement has been widely and largely used in a lot of fields such as the materials science and the biology nowadays.

Mr.Sun Chongdong introduced the products of Eastsun to Mr. Shechtman, and also the Technology Center of the Adhesive under construction. Mr. Shechtman kindly discussed a lot with Mr.Sun Changdong and showed great interest in Esun Resins.